There are “schools” in small rooms where some child studies alone, in corners
of refugee camps, in kitchens where women struggle to educate themselves, and on high, remote mountain peaks—whose cities below children have never known. 
Our e-tutors teach those who yearn to learnwherever they are.

Yet, (in all honesty) teaching English is the least of
what we do. In short, a world that helps each other
will not hurt each other.   

The School Inside currently maintains 6 language learning blogs:
   For our Syrian students: 
   • For our Afghan students:
   • For our Nepali students: 
   • For our Russian and Ukrainian students: 
   • For teaching young girls engineering:
   • For teaching refugees and immigrants arriving in the U.S.


     What’s it like to be an internet tutor? Well, it’s actually a little like being a granny. You know. They make you feel wonderful. They praise, support, encourage, reassure; they are endlessly patient, assuring you that theres nothing you can’t do! 


Use Google Translate for SINGLE words, not sentences! 


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