How we approach teaching

Sometimes it’s not a book you need.


1) “LIVE THE LANGUAGE”. Have you seen one of these delightful videos? 

      Because you and your student won’t be sitting side-by-side sharing a textbook, you have the wonderful advantage of teaching “by life”. Let life be “each chapter,” each new lesson each week.  If the child says something that he or she is interested in, use it for your lesson.  There are English lessons all around you—in every corner of the room you’re sitting in and within every minute of your day.


       Learn from your student what things interest him or her and then build lessons around those interests. You can even give your students a list of subjects and let him or her choose which ones to learn ... or suggest something you didn’t think of! This approach is amazingly effective.
       This isn’t about how “fast” your student is learning. It’s about using each lesson to bring life and joy into a student’s day. English is honestly the least of it.  Each lesson is just a wonderful way to give us all a little kinder world.

       ...when students are late because they have no parents or strong home center to help them be on time.
       ...when the electricity goes off. (Less than 40% of Afghans even have electricity!)
       ...when the internet money runs out and a student must wait for a brother or father to go to the local shop to add money.
       ...with yourself when you feel your lessons aren’t good (they’re actually miraculous in your student’s life).
       ...when you can’t communicate clearly with each other.
       And patience, because it makes everything so much easier.