THE SCHOOL INSIDE is currently working with Syrian refugee children at the Bayti children’s home in Turkey; with students in several provinces of Afghanistan; with children in Nepal, affiliated with the Himanchal Education Foundation, and with lower caste children in the Akshara educational program in the Pune region of India. The School Inside also serves the needs of individual students from Egypt, Kurdistan, Ukraine, Russia, and China.

*1 BAYTI was opened in August 2014 by a brave young man named Yakzan Shishakly. Please find below 2 links to stories about Bayti as well as a video:
The Christian Science Monitor
The Huffington Post
Bayti video 
The School Inside blog site for Bayti

*2 ASK: AFGHAN SCHOOL KHAANAA. Our Afghan Home School program currently works with 18 individual students in several provinces of Afghanistan. 
The School Inside blog site for Afghanistan

*3 HIMANCHAL EDUCATION FOUNDATION is a story that begins with one of the most courageous, persistent and humble men of our times—Mahabir Pun. The story is best told in the video below, “Hiking for e-mails”. Also, please find a link to their website as well as to a Wikipedia page about Mahabir Pun.
Hiking for E-mails
Mahabir Pun
The School Inside blog site for Nepal

*4 AKSHARA is a remarkable program started by an even more remarkable woman, Dr. Harsha Joshi. Since 2005, Akshara has worked to empower the most marginalized, lower caste rural youth (particularly girls) in Maharashtra (the western, central region of India). It provides daily educational support toward the end of achieving equality and independence. Akshara serves more than 500 students in 7 villages from elementary students to pre-university/college-level students, and Adivasi and tribal adults. In addition to education support, Akshara also helps participants secure their first job once they graduate. 
Akshara's students aid amazing plastic initiative 
The School Inside blog for Akshara