Learn to say “Hello” in your student’s native language.
It will mean the world to them! Just watch their smiles.

[Syrian children]
Hello: Sa`laam
Good-bye: `Mah-salaam
Very good: Mum`taz 

Thank you: shook-`ran (soft "a", like "ah")
Excuse me:  af `wan

yes:  nam  (soft "a", like "ah")
no:    vla    (soft "a", like "ah")
My name is:   iss-`mee ... (a soft "c" sound)
What is your name?:   `Mah-iss`mukah? (boy)
                                     `Mah-iss `mukee? (girl)

I understand:   `Taf-ham.
Do you understand?  `Hell-tah-fam?
Please: min-fod-`luck (if you are a man)
Please: min-fod-leeka (if you are a woman)

[Afghan students]
Hello: Sa`laam
Very good: `AH-lee
Good-bye: Khu`dah ha`fez
Thank you: tah-sha-`kor

[Students in India]
Hello: Namaskar
Very good: KHUP chan
Good-bye: Tah. Tah.
Thank you:  Dhan-ya-`vaad

[Nepal students]
Hello:  nah-mas-STAY
How are you?:  KASto cha?
Thank you:   DAN-yah-vad
You are welcome:  SWAG-a-tam
Very good:  dee-RAI  rahm-ro  XA
See you:   fairy  beh-TOO-allah