˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘ Our Wonderful Team ˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘˘

 NASA photo

        Miss Maria, Russia
        Miss Catherine, U.S.
        Mrs. Chips, U.S.  

        Miss Farida, Afghanistan
        Miss Farkhonda, Afghanistan
        Miss Frozan, Afghanistan
        Mr. Margan, Afghanistan
        Miss Kaziwa, Kurdistan
        Mrs.Salma, UAE
        Mrs. Chips, U.S.

        Miss Farkhonda, Afghanistan 
        Miss Frozan, Afghanistan
        Miss LillyPilly, Australia (Assistant Director)
        Miss Susan, Chile
        Miss Glo, France (Assistant Director)
        Miss Gillian, Great Britain
        Miss Helen, Great Britain
        Miss Kimberley, Great Britain
        Miss Deidre, Ireland 
        Miss Noa, Israel        
        Miss Kate, Japan        
        Miss Karen, Mexico
        Miss Bailey, The Netherlands
        Miss Annie-Rose, Scotland
        Miss Anna, Spain
        Miss Kaz, Spain
        Miss Silvia, Spain
        Miss Ritu, UAE
        Mr. Salem, UAE 
        Mr. Tabarak, UAE
        Miss Cami, U.S.
        Mrs. Chips, U.S. (Director)
        Miss Cheri, U.S.
        Miss Christy, U.S.
        Mr. Jack, U.S.
        Miss Jan, U.S.
        Miss Jeannie and Mr. Warren, U.S.
        Miss Jennifer, U.S.
        Miss Karen and Mr. Don, U.S.
        Miss Katrina, U.S. 
        Miss Kim-K, U.S.
        Miss Kristen, U.S.
        Miss Lauren, U.S.
        Miss Leah, U.S.
        Miss Pauline, U.S. 
        Miss Peggy,  U.S. (our special consultant)
        Miss Sage, U.S. 
        Miss Sandy, U.S. 
        Miss Simone, U.S.
        Miss Stephanie, U.S. 
        Miss Tresa, U.S.

Our sincerest thanks to this wonderful group of people.